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FC Sheriff: Champions from an unrecognized State

FC Sheriff has caught the news after their historic victory against Real Madrid. A lot of small teams have surprised big clubs in the past and then disappeared. So is FC Sheriff’s victory a fluke or are they special? Find out about FC Sheriff: The Champions from an unrecognized state. It is obvious that they

Porto Vs Liverpool: Talking Points

Liverpool secured a fancy 5-1 victory on their away trip to Porto. The reds secured the top spot in group B with 2 wins in their 2 matches. This win will be a morale booster for their upcoming fixture against Manchester City Sunday. Liverpool was an all-out attack at the Estadio de Dragao, they took

PSG Keeper Dilemma: Navas Or Donnarumma

But the dilemma and the confusion began in the league match against Metz, where Navas started ahead of Donnarumma. PSG was the most active side in the transfer window this season. Landing in the likes of Ramos, Wjinaldum, Messi, and Donnarumma covers every department of the team. There is no surprise that when players of

Arsenal in shame

Arsenal Vs Brentford: Arsenal continues their poor run

If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail. Benjamin Franklin The Premier League got underway with the newly promoted Brentford taking on the visitors Arsenal. However, the debutants stunned the gunners after taking their first-ever points in a 2-0 win. Arsenal was struggling hard last season and finished 8th. This resulted in immense

Barcelona Presidential Cnadidates feature image

FC Barcelona Presidential Elections 2021: From Scratch To Winner

FC Barcelona was formed in 1899 by Joan Gamper. Barcelona falls within the Catalonian region. The region is dominated by Left-wing intellectuals who raised their voices for democracy during Franco’s dictatorship in Spain. Therefore, the left-wing supporters became Barcelona fans as they felt the club is more than a club. During these 122 years, Barca

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Barcagate Scandal Explained: Josep Bartomeu Arrest

It’s not a hidden fact that Barcelona is facing problems both on and off the pitch. Their recent runs in Europe have become a matter of concern. As the club’s reputation is degrading as a lot of stuff was happening within the Club. And the Barcagate Scandal is a demoralizing incident. The club has not

Lee Mason Brighton vs West

The Lee Mason 2021 Controversy: Referee At Scrutiny

Premier League is the most competitive league in the world, even it is the most-watched league in the world. Hence, the standards of the league are so high that it deserves the top-notch referees to maintain that level. The Premier League has a referee group called ‘Select Group’ where the referees officiating in the league

Chelsea Legend Frank Lampard

Why doesn’t Chelsea back its managers?

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard was made to see the exit gates of Stamford Bridge as his recent spell as Chelsea came under scrutiny. But the question that arises is that does rough spell means sacking or is it just Chelsea who follows this school of thought? Let’s talk about stats, we compared the stats of

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15 Top Club’s Nickname & How They Got It.

There are many clubs in Europe who have made a place for themselves among the top clubs in the World. They create moments, which becomes legacy and then history. And over all these years, they associate with many other names and adopts a nick name. Thus here are 15 clubs’ nicknames and how they got

Image showing bayern fans holding banners of '50 + 1' rule.

The German Fans and the curious case of ’50+1′ Rule

Fans play a huge part in any sporting event. They are often referred asthe 12th man and Germany certainly knows how to regard their fans.Here is The German Fans and the curious case of ’50+1′ Rule. In German football one will see that they have the highest attendance ratio in the world . German football

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